REACH. The ultimate tool.

With ready- made networks near the biggest shopping centers, residential areas, business districts, universities plus many other points of interest, it has never been easier to reach all city inhabitants and target and amplify outdoor advertising according to the brand’s target groups. This format allows you to get your message out to masses and make your message heard, target specific consumers, be seen to people driving a personal car or using public transport and so on. 

FREQUENCY. They will remember.

 Whether you use outdoor as a standalone media or in a mix with other channels – bus shelters and citylights will certainly raise your campaign`s frequency to make the brand find its way to the consumer. Depending on the character and the message of your product, we are able to advise you on the best solutions you would require to be seen multiple times to your audience. 

 CREATIVITY. Stand out.

People spend at least several minutes waiting for their transport in our bus shelters and they are ready to absorb truly interesting messages. Differently from other media, outdoor is not limited to a certain technology – thus a wealth of innovative and creative solutions can be used. Our Innovate product allows your brand to stand out and have a unique solution on the streets.