In 1964, Jean-Claude Decaux invented advertising street furniture. Ever since, JCDecaux—now the global industry leader—has been the only international player focused exclusively on outdoor advertising, developing 3 areas of business: street furniture, transport advertising and billboard advertising.

For cities and citizens.

JCDecaux designs, installs and maintains a range of free or low-cost services for the benefit of cities, residents and travellers. Across Estonia we maintain and upkeep close to 600 bus stops that provide shelter and comfort for the citizens and visitors. Our Citylights and other street furniture formats enchance the visual perspective of street life filling it with advertising in an aesthetically presented form. We have installed and we are maintaining daily  16 public restrooms in Tallinn which are set up for residents and visitors of the city dwelling in the city center and parks.

The trend.

Growing urbanisation, increasing digitisation and accelerating technological innovation within the sector, mean Out-of-Home communicates faster, more effectively, with greater flexibility, and increasingly benefits from a more reliable accountability. 

New OOH technologies. 

For over 50 years, JCDecaux has been at the forefront of innovation within the medium; providing inventive, effective and accountable brand communication. We are committed to constantly push the boundaries of OOH delivering a medium that is engaging, accountable, and is a relevant part of everyday urban life. In 2017 the first 17 JCDecaux Dynamic digital screens were ercted in the city center and on the busiest roads in Tallinn. The use of dynamic messages and  smart content provides the advertisers with another OOH option to capture the attention of their consumer.

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