We design street furniture that will develop or reinforce the identity of the site where it is located.

We work with renowned designers to create attractive street furniture that blends harmoniously with its environment.

Our street furniture is built with high-quality materials like glass and steel, selected for their style and durability.

55% of our staff

work on the ground on a daily basis, cleaning, maintaining and repairing our street furniture to keep it tidy and operational

One billion kilometers

have been travelled by JCDecaux's 52,000 self-service bicycles

From design to installation and upkeep, our street furniture and services are financed by advertising.

As early as the design phase, we strive to make our street furniture energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Over 50% reduction

in the energy consumption of lighting systems using LED technology

We design accessible furniture, like our public toilets which can be used by people in wheelchairs.