• 57% of Estonia's population covered by JCDecaux's network

  • 5 cities in Estonia

  • 2300+ panels in total

  • 30+ employees


OUR MISSION. Always keep innovating, for everyone's benefit.

JCDecaux designs, installs and maintains a range of free or low-cost services for the benefit of cities, residents and travellers, including bus shelters, self-service bicycle schemes, passenger information panels and mobile charging terminals. These services are financed by advertisements that are located in busy thoroughfares, offering brands maximum visibility.

Because it benefits all stakeholders—local governments, advertisers and users—this business model is unique and sustainable, and has been a constant source of innovation for the past 50 years. It is adaptable to society's changing needs, as can be seen today in the integration of connectivity solutions.

AN URBAN OPPORTUNITY. Capturing and maintaining attention.

In today's fragmented media world, among the multitude of screens, there is a growing challenge to catch and maintain the attention of consumers. To achieve cut-through, brands recognise the need to get closer to the consumer, understand their needs and be more inventive and engaging than ever before. With growing urbanisation, the Out-of-Home medium delivers the platform for advertisers to achieve this engagement. 

Our Employees. Social priorities.

JCDecaux Estonia follows high standards in the field of safety and health at work, which is crucial for all our employees and integrated into all our activities. 
JCDecaux  Estonia's Occupational Safety and Health Policy is in line with the principles of Sustainable Development developed by the JCDecaux Group.


Our promise. The Code of ethics.

The JCDecaux Group must work in a responsible and sustainable manner in all the markets where it is present. This is a commitment to its employees, customers and suppliers, local and regional authorities, and competitors. Our reputation and the trust of our partners (including our investors, customers and suppliers) depend on it.

Our International Charter. Fundamental Social Values.

Our priority is to guarantee a common company foundation of basic rights for our employees around the world as the charter describes our commitment to human rights and makes reference to:
  • the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labour Organisation.
  • the Guiding Principles of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development for multinational corporations.

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