• 23 years of experience in Estonia

  • Market leader in Estonia

  • 1000+ campaigns yearly

  • 60+ insight surveys annually


OUR MODEL. The Loop.

Our way of approaching every new campaign can be easily described as the infinity loop.  Each step is closely connected with the previous one, making skipping steps impossible. The loop consists of defining the KPIs and target groups, involves planning and strategy, our help in designing your poster and launching your campaign, evaluating the result and learning from the experience.

Outdoor Impact. The planning.

Outdoor Impact is a proven tool that allows us to measure the contacts generated by outdoor media. It provides impeccable data that allow us to plan your campaign on the streets with ultimate precision so that the campaign would have the maximum effect on the target group of your product or brand. We are able to distinguish the moving patterns of your potential customers, whether they use a personal car or public transport as the means of getting around. Depending on your campaign goals we are able to suggest the right format or a combination to get your message through to the audience. Our panels are excellent for brand building and launching products as well as sales campaigns with shorter lifespan but with maximum frequency and reach.


A poster. The design.

One of the most, if not the most important part of your campaign is the design of your poster that will be displayed on the streets on our outdoor panels. It makes all the difference in the world as it affects directly how the people will see your poster and how well will they understand the design and message. Those two aspects will heavily affect the outcome of the campaign making the poster design a crucial part in the planning stage. Our in-house experts will make suggestions based on years of experience in outdoor poster design and help you with the final layout of your ad. This way we are able to minimize messages lost in translation and maximize the outcome the poster will have on your campaign.


The outcome. Surveys.

After the campaign we are able to draw conclusions based on the results from the client and by conducting street surveys. By combining these two factors we are able to assess the campaign in general, evaluate the locations and how the message was understood by the patrons, capture the positive experience and note what should be avoided in future campaigns. We conduct about 60+ surveys annually and we possess insights into very different fields of business sectors when it comes to outdoor advertising. All this helps to plan new campaigns and ensure their success.
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