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COVERAGE. A large-scale tool.

You have a wide network close to major shopping malls, residential areas, business districts, universities and many other key points. This makes it unprecedentedly easy for you to reach city dwellers and gives you the opportunity to target and increase the impact of your advertising according to your brand's target audience. With our format, you're throwing your message into the masses and make it heard. You reach specific consumer groups, but you are also visible to car or public transport users and everyone else.

FREQUENCY. Be noticable.

Whether you're advertising only outdoors or using other advertising channels, you're sure to increase the frequency of your campaign through bus shelters and citylights. This will make it easier for you to reach your customer. We will give you advice based on the nature of the product and the message, so that you repeatedly catch the eye of the desired target group.

CREATIVITY. Stand out.

People spend at least a few minutes in the bus shelter while waiting for public transport. They are very willing to accept interesting messages. Outdoor advertising doesn't limit you to a specific technology. You can launch a whole arsenal of different creative solutions. With an innovative solution, your brand stands out uniquely on city streets.