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Make your brand as visible as possible on the streets, catch the attention of consumers with JCDecaux smart DigiTallinn screens. We bring the best quality to the streets, high-level technology ensures the reliability of the screens in every situation and thus the representativeness of the message.

DigiTallinn network has screens in two formats. 12 DigiCity screens are located along the busiest roads and junctions in the center of Tallinn. 6 DigiRoad screens help to convey the message to the drivers on the main highways.

DigiTallinn's network is flexible - you can plan your campaign for the entire network as well as for individual screens. It is possible to select both targeted single points and city-wide coverage, use different digital packages or combine a campaign with other formats.


The ability to tune your message according to the day and weather is a powerful tool for communicating with your target audience. Smart setup lets you change your ad in real time. When it rains, show a raincoat. Create appetite for pastries and coffee early in the morning. Invite to the nearest point of sale with your ad.

Let the consumer see exactly what he or she needs at the moment. Adjusting the creative for the weather, time, or location does not incur any additional costs. Relevant real-time presentation of the message increases the effectiveness of the campaign, according to research.




Display live data from an external source on the screen, make it part of the design. The dynamic data flow allows you to display a variety of data directly on the screens, be it the current price of a product or service, the current state of a football game, the number of tickets left, or anything else engaging.

For example, combine a social media campaign with outdoor media. Put social media elements, such as a hashtag, to work for you - mediate real-time consumer reactions and images on city streets. The smart JCDecaux Dynamic solutions are used in more than 15 countries around the world.


In the following, we outline the rules of digital outdoor advertising by the Estonian Association of Outdoor Media Companies, to which digital design must comply.

1. The information displayed on outdoor screens (hereinafter digital posters) must be designed in such a way that it does not disturb or mislead the road user.
2. The digital poster must not have a high contrast or color difference in background changes. The length of the digital poster presentation is 10 seconds.
3. Flashing, fast-moving or intentionally startling animations/effects/elements in the design are not allowed.
4. It is not permitted to display content that results in the entire design moving in a continuous and rapid motion at once, except when changing a digital poster. For example, movie trailers or TV commercials are not allowed.
5. Background exchanges between advertisers must be smooth, using internationally recognized fade-in/fade-out, crossfade or similar defrosting techniques. NB! JCDecaux automatically inserts the crossfade transition between advertisers itself.

JCDecaux must confirm the suitability of the client's promotional material for its channel.