12 locations. 5 new ways to communicate.

Make the most of having your message and brand on the streets. Capture the attention of consumers by taking advantage of the smart possibilities in our DigiTallinn screens. The smart solutions of JCDecaux Dynamic are being used in more than 15 countries worldwide.
Our locations for DigiTallinn involve 12 faces on the busiest roads and thoroughfares in the center of Tallinn, engaging the people moving in, going to and coming from the city center.

Be impulsive. Change your message in real time. 

Day and weather specific targeting gives you another tool what to use when speaking to your audience. When it rains show them a raincoat, when it is early morning make them crave for that coffee and croissant. Make them see exactly the thing they need at that time of the day, during those conditions.  Make changes to your ad in real time and they will be displayed in 20 minutes time. 

Social media and Dynamic data feeds. Link it.

Directly combine your campaign on social media with the one in outdoor. Make social media elements like hashtags work for you and display the reactions and photos of your consumers in real time on the city streets. Dynamic Data Feeds give you the opportunity to display live data on the screens connected to your product like prices, football scores, tickets left etc.
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