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JCDECAUX: Outdoor media market leader in Estonia

JCDecaux designs, installs, maintains and offers a number of free or low-cost services to cities and municipalities, residents and visitors. Be it bus shelters or public toilets in Estonian cities, the availability of city bicycles worldwide, direction signs in cities, etc.

In addition, the street furniture designed by JCDecaux in cooperation with designers contributes to a more aesthetic street image, and the lighting of advertising media increases security in cities. All of these services are funded by JCDecaux through advertising sales, which can be seen in the consumer's city centers, on major highways and in busy streets.

5 citiesin JCDecaux's network
JCDecaux's network covers 54%of the Estonian population
2300+advertising faces all over Estonia
1000+campaigns per year

OUR STAFF. Locals.

JCDecaux is represented in more than 80 countries. The subdivisions are independent and deeply rooted in the local culture. We employ local talent to best serve the market. As human resources are one of our greatest strengths, we emphasize our vast body of knowledge. Every day, 10,000+ employees from 100 different fields contribute to the growth of our company.

JCDECAUX GROUP. Powerful and flexible.

JCDecaux is characterized by its presence in cities, transport systems and major traffic routes. The increasing mobility and urbanization of people has made our solutions work better every year. We are already one of the most influential media networks worldwide, but one of the most flexible at the local level.

More than 80countries
Presence in 3670cities
964,760advertising faces
€2.744 billionin revenue in 2021


JCDecaux's advertising faces are located in 3,670 cities in more than 80 countries worldwide, helping to bring messages to billions of people every day.


*Not incl. France, United Kingdom

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