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  • As the first step of the campaign, the client and JCDecaux will determine the volume, period and target groups of the campaign together, based on the goals of the client’s campaign. The campaign will be confirmed once the client’s written approval of the outdoor media offer is received.
  • The written confirmation/order for the campaign must be received at least 10 days before the start of the campaign. The design must be sent along with the confirmation.
  • If the design file is not sent on time, the start of the client’s campaign may be postponed and this may result in extra costs.
  • To prevent the double booking of faces, the planning of the actual locations for each campaign will start after the order is confirmed and the designs are received.
  • When planning the campaign, the offer will always include 50% inside and 50% outside faces on the advertising carrier.
  • The terms and conditions for the advertising services sales contract are available at the materials sections.
  • Campaigns on the Eurosize faces (bus shelters, illuminated advertising panels) start on Mondays and end on Sundays. On the billboards and Premium faces, the campaigns start on Tuesdays and end on Mondays.
  • The client is responsible for the compliance of the visual, location and text of the advertisement with the valid legislation. If, based on the law or other legislation the design of the advertising materials needs to be coordinated in advance, the client will secure the agreement of the corresponding agency before delivering the materials to JCDecaux.
  • A campaign can be cancelled up to three months before the start of the corresponding order.
  • Payment for the services provided by JCDecaux must be made by the Wednesday of the week prior to the start of the campaign, unless agreed otherwise.


  • The client can order the printing of the posters from JCDecaux or from a service provider of its choice.
  • If the client is responsible for printing the posters, the posters in the agreed upon quantity must be delivered to the JCDecaux warehouse at Pilvetee St 5, Tallinn, by 4:45 pm on the Thursday of the week prior to the start of the campaign.
  • If the printing of the posters is ordered from JCDecaux, the client promises to upload the print file with the design approved by the client to the server specified by JCDecaux at least ten days before the start of the campaign.
  • The printing of the posters for scrolling billboards and Premium faces can only be ordered via JCDecaux, because in addition to the printing, these posters also require special technical processing after being printed.
  • Two different options are available when printing the posters for the Premium format: one-sided 4/0 double density printing (€76 per poster), which is suitable for lighter times of the year, and one-sided 4/0 PRO poster (€128)which is suitable for darker times of the year. Billboard posters are printed on PVC (€114 per poster).  Prices are subject to VAT.
  • Eurosize posters can be printed using one of three technologies, which differ in quality and price:

                                                       - 4/0 one-sided digital printing
                                                       - 4/4 two-sided digital printing
                                                       - 4/2 offset printing

  • The prices for one-sided printing start at €6 per poster, and two-sided at €13 per poster. The minimum quantity for 4/2 offset printing is 40 posters at a cost of €850. Increasing the printing volume will decrease the price per poster. Prices are subject to VAT.  
  • Samples of the various printing solutions are available at the JCDecaux warehouse located at Pilvetee 5, Tallinn where you can evaluate their suitability for your campaign. You can also test your poster in an advertising carrier at the warehouse, in order assess the design and visibility of the poster.
  • A 10% reserve is always added to the printing orders for campaigns on bus shelters and illuminated panels (Eurosize), in case additional posters are needed for Eurosize advertising carriers. The exact number of billboard and premium format posters is printed.

INNOVATE. Special solutions.

  • The ordering of a special solution assumes the existence of a (conventional) campaign on JCDecaux faces during the same period, which costs at least €6,000. The production of the special solution(s) will be added to the cost of the conventional campaign.
  • In the case of special solutions, the client will undertake to provide the materials for such a campaign to JCDecaux at least four weeks before the start of the campaign.
  • After the receipt of the materials and the confirmation of the special solution(s), approval must also be obtained from the corresponding agency of the city where the campaign is to be organised. A JCDecaux representative will negotiate with the city authorities.
  • Special solutions will be installed and removed by the JCDecaux team.
  • The client is responsible for the cost of any special solutions that break or are broken (vandalism, force of nature, etc.) during the campaign and their repair.


  • If the client wishes, after the completion of the campaign, JCDecaux can order post-campaign research from AS Emor, AS Norstat Eesti or some other research firm. And a report will be issued six weeks after the end of the campaign. The post-campaign research is not automatically included in the price of the campaign.
  • If the client wishes, the unused Eurosize posters can be returned after the end of the campaign. If a separate agreement with the client does not exist, JCDecaux will utilize all the Eurosize posters after the campaign.
  • All posters that are not returned to the customer will be recycled and reused. Drawing paper, newsprint, tissue paper, corrugated board, insulation material, landscaping material are produced from paper posters. PP and PE materials are recycled, PVC posters produce energy.
  • The billboard and Premium posters will be dealt with as prescribed by the contract. The posters will be utilized, reused within two months, or the client will pick up the poster(s) at the JCDecaux warehouse. In the latter case, the time for the pick-up must be agreed upon in advance with the JCDecaux warehouse team (tel. 52 32 373, Pilvetee St 5, Tallinn).


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