This Cookies Policy is aimed at providing you with some information about how we manage cookies and other trackers when you use our site available at and how you can manage your choices in relation to such cookies and trackers.

Access to the Cookies Preferences Platform

Last updated: May 2021

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored by the browser on your equipment (computer, phone…) that records information relating to your navigation on a website or mobile application.
We use the term “cookies” to designate cookies, trackers and similar technologies.
Cookies have multiple uses: they enable identifying you so that you can access to your account, managing a shopping cart, memorizing your browsing language, follow your navigation for statistics analysis or advertising purposes…

2. What are the different types of cookies?

Cookies can be classified depending on:
  • Their lifetime:
    • Session cookies, which are temporary and kept in the memory of your browser only when it is open. As soon as you shut your browser, these cookies are deleted from your history.
    • Persistent cookies, which have a predefined lifetime, determined on the basis of their purpose. These cookies remain on your equipment until they expire or until you delete them manually by using the functionalities of your browser.
  • Their source:
    • First party cookies, which are deposited directly by the publisher of the website or the mobile app you are consulting, or by its service providers on its behalf.
    • Third party cookies, which are deposited by partners authorised by the publisher. The deposit, use and monitoring of these cookies are dealt with by third parties and governed by the privacy policy of such third parties.
  • Their purposes:
    • Necessary cookie, which are strictly necessary to the good functioning of the website or deposited to provide an online communication service requested expressly by the user. Several purposes may be covered by these cookies, such as recording cookies preferences chosen by the user, authentication with a service, keeping a shopping cart in memory, invoicing purchased products or services, customizing the user interface (e.g.: language choice, presentation of a service), maintaining the security of the website…
    • Other cookies, which may have various purposes (analytics, advertisement, social networks sharing…).

3. What types of cookies are used on our website and for what purposes?

 On our website, we use the following cookies:

Necessary Cookies

These cookies enable us to:
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the website’s content management system (Drupal)
  • Safeguard the language of navigation chosen by the user
  • Safeguard cookies preferences and transfer consent information to partners
  • Protect the website against spam enquiries on contact form
These cookies are managed by us and service providers acting on our behalf.

Audience Measurement Cookies

These cookies enable us to improve user’s experience and the quality of our services by establishing anonymous audience and frequentation statistics of the website.
On our website, we use Google Analytics. To learn more about how Google may process your data, please review their Privacy Policy.

Social networks sharing cookies

These cookies enable us to display and upload a toolbar to share content on the main social networks.
On our website, we use AddThis. To learn more about how AddThis may process your data, please review their Privacy Policy.
We inform you that if you click on a social network link proposed on our website, you will be redirected directly to the website of such social network. Your data will then be processed according to the privacy rules of such network.

Video Cookies

These cookies enable you to read videos posted on our website when you click on them.
On our website, we use Vimeo and YouTube.                     
To learn more about how Vimeo may process your data, please review their Privacy Policy.
To learn more about how YouTube may process your data, please review their Privacy Policy.


4. How can you manage your cookies preferences?

Necessary cookies are not subject to your prior consent.
They will be automatically deposited on your terminal when you connect to the website.
You can still object to them and delete them by using the settings of your browser but please be informed that in this case, your user experience may be highly degraded, and the website may not function as expected.
In addition, please be informed that your choices regarding acceptance or rejection of cookies are managed by cookies deposited by our Consent Management Platform, Didomi. If you deactivate these cookies in the settings of your browser, we will no longer be able to remember your choices.

Other cookies are subject to your prior consent.
They will be deposited only if you explicitly accept them, either globally or individually, by clicking on the agreement buttons. If you click on the refusal buttons, on the Continue without agreeing link (as the case may be) or if you continue navigating without making any choice, these cookies will not be deposited.

You may modify your choices at any time via the Cookies Preferences Platform.

You may also configure your browser to prevent cookies from being deposited on your equipment. The configuration of each browser is different:
For Internet Explorer
For Chrome
For Firefox
For Safari

5. Contact

If you have any question regarding this Cookies Policy, you may contact us:
  • By email:
  • By post: JCDecaux Eesti OÜ, Tartu mnt 18, Tallinn, Estonia


Privacy Policy

 JCDecaux is committed to guaranteeing to all persons the respect of their privacy and the confidentiality of their personal data.

That’s why these values represent one of the company's societal commitments in connection with its sustainable development policy.

JCDecaux takes reasonable steps to maintain the security, integrity and confidentiality of any personal information in accordance with the provisions of applicable data protection legislation in Estonia as well as the respective provisions of the EU law on data protection, to the extent applicable.

We have designed this Privacy Policy to inform you of the commitments that have been made by JCDecaux in order to ensure compliance with the applicable rules.

This policy may be modified, taking into account the legal and regulatory context and deliberations of the Estonian supervisory authority.


This Privacy Policy shall apply to all processing of personal data on external persons (in particular clients, partners, recruitment candidates, suppliers, web surfers).


 Personal Data : Data concerning individuals and enabling their direct or indirect identification.
Data processing : operations in relation to personal data, especially the obtaining, recording, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination.
Data controller : any organisation which determines the purposes and means of the data processing.
Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data. Estonian Data Protection Act, as amended.
DPI. The Estonian supervisory authority – Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate.

Data collected

 In general, you may contact JCDecaux and visit the websites of the group without having to communicate any personal data. However, to be able to provide certain services, JCDecaux may ask you to provide personal data, for example, to respond to a contact request, to complete an application or to send a newsletter.
We may in particular collect your details (name, address, phone number, email address, etc.), other information or data relating to your professional background and experience, when you apply for a position.

In any case, JCDecaux ensures that the data collected is strictly adequate, relevant and not excessive with regard to the purpose of the processing operation. JCDecaux shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that the personal data collected is accurate, complete and, where necessary, kept up-to-date.


JCDecaux ensure that the collection of personal data is carried out in a licit, fair, and non-fraudulent manner.
Personal data processed by JCDecaux is obtained for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.
Your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:
  • for the proceedings of any job applications that you submit to one of our sites;
  • to send out our newsletters;
  • to receive and answer your messages.

Recipients of the data 

Personal data will not be communicated or transferred to any third party other than authorized recipients.
Authorized recipients are the internal services in charge and, if applicable, authorized persons from partners or providers.

Data retention

 The data shall be kept for a period not exceeding that which is necessary for the purposes for which it is exchanged, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation on data protection in Estonia.


A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that we store on your browser or the hard drive of your computer and then that send information back to the originating website (for example session ID, language selection, date).
You are hereby informed that when you visit this website, cookies are placed on your machine.
To learn more about cookies, please refer to our cookie policy.


 JCDecaux ensure that your personal data stays secure through both physical and logical methods.

Rights of the persons concerned

Please be informed that pursuant to the Estonian Data Protection Act the data subject is entitled to be informed of the personal data being processed and the processing operations performed, as well as to demand rectification or deletion of the personal data or suspension of any processing operations (with exception of storage). For this purpose, please contact us in writing at any time at the following address:
JCDecaux Estonia OÜ, Tartu mnt 18, Tallinn, Estonia or by e-mail:

Administrative procedures

 Personal data processing shall be declared to or registered by DPI , if and to the extent required.


 For any information concerning this Privacy Policy, you can contact


 This Privacy Policy may be updated at any time so we advise visitors to consult it regularly for any changes.