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Outdoor advertising is one of the oldest formats in today's mass media, helping brands stand out for decades. It grabs people's attention and makes them aware of your product or service. Outdoor media is a powerful advertising channel - make it work for you.

EFFECTIVEVisible and memorable to everyone, ads can't be turned off
WIDE REACHIn urbanizing Estonia, 69% of the population already lives in cities
TARGETEDTalk to the target audience with packages, be in the right place at the right time


69% of the Estonian population lives in cities and this share is increasing - the population is continuing to urbanize. JCDecaux wants your outdoor media experience to get better. To this end, we are making urban space more and more attractive, intelligent, responsible, connected and attractive.

In today's fragmented media world, the first priority of advertising is to capture and retain people's attention. Due to the synergy of urbanization and outdoor media, advertisers reach more people who move in the sphere of outdoor advertising on a daily basis.

Location of the population in Estonia. Estonian Human Development Report.


We have been operating in the world's largest cities for years and have accumulated valuable knowledge. We also use this know-how to achieve our customers' business goals in the Estonian market.

In the Estonian market since 1994 and today the market leaders in outdoor advertising, we can call ourselves the trend creator of outdoor advertising here as well. We are trusted by many companies all over the world, so we strive to be the best outdoor media partner for our customers.

5 citiesin JCDecaux's network
JCDecaux's network covers 54%of the Estonian population
1000+campaigns per year
60+post-campaign researches per year

OUR MODEL. Uninterrupted consistency.

Our way of approaching every new campaign can be described as the infinity loop.  Each step is closely connected with the previous one, making skipping steps impossible. The loop consists of defining the KPIs and target groups, involves planning and strategy, our help in designing your poster and launching your campaign, evaluating the result and learning from the experience.