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Kristiina Sepp General Manager
Raili Kala Sales Manager
Triin Teras Account Manager EST/ENG
Kerli Kink Account Manager EST/ENG
Johanna Hink Account Manager EST/ENG/FRA
Siim Lomp Account Manager EST/ENG
Taavi Tohvri Account Manager EST/ENG
Martin Talsi Head of Planning
Rasmus Rand Digital Manager
Kerstin Männiste Media Planner / Innovate project manager
Küllike Kaver Media Planner
Alvin Piir Media Planner
Katri Horma Marketing Manager
Teele Treiel Communications Manager
Kai Valt Chief Accountant
Karina Haho Accountant
Jaanus Kadak City Relations and Technical Director
Cathlen Ader Development Assistant
Kristel Ly Vinni Sales Assistant
Rain Päll Maintenance Supervisor
Aleksei Meier Maintenance
    Pavel Kolesnik Maintenance
      Sergei Dlinnov Maintenance
        Silver Siniallik Maintenance
          Vladimir Tarhov Maintenance
            Randar Päll Maintenance
              Kaarel Kala Maintenance