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In 1964 Jean-Claude Decaux laid the foundations for street furniture, and since then JCDecaux has only contributed to the outdoor media. Further developing three main directions: street furniture, large billboards and advertising faces in transport. JCDecaux designs, installs and maintains various services that are available to cities, residents and visitors.

We maintain 600 bus shelters all over Estonia. Our Citylights and other advertising faces on the streets enhance the overall look and clarity of the street scene. Ads on the street fill people's time as they move from point A to point B. In Tallinn, we have installed 16 public toilets, which are open to both local residents and city visitors.


JCDecaux's success has always been based on unique innovation and ambitious research and development. And this strategy works - as evidenced by all our products. Cyclocity self-service bikes are a must-have all over the world today. Interactive screens and Wi-Fi terminals are spreading to cities and transportation systems. Innovation helps us anticipate people's ever-changing needs, contribute to tomorrow's urban design and make the transport system more and more attractive to passengers.


Since 1982, JCDecaux has worked with some of the world's leading designers, for whom each project is unique. The technical requirements are always very specific, requiring designers to work closely with our teams.

MAINTENANCE. Priority no. 1.

In the name of a beautiful cityscape and impeccable street furniture functionality, we invest our resources and working hours in the care and maintenance of our advertising faces on a daily basis, regardless of their location or prevailing weather conditions. Preventive maintenance, regular inspections, staff training and strict procedures ensure unsurpassed quality in more than 75 countries where JCDecaux operates.

JCDecaux maintenance teams work discreetly, often at night or during off-peak hours, carefully following safety measures and procedures. Our goal is to provide care and maintenance without disturbing the daily lives of the city's residents or the activities of our partners. Our technical teams are an integral part of our company and regular training ensures impeccable standards of maintenance quality.

JCDecaux Office Tartu mnt.18, Tallinn, Estonia
JCDecaux Warehouse Pilvetee tänav 5 12681 Tallinn