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A round-up of the Top 5 campaigns of Q1, which demonstrate ad originality, build brand engagement and push the limits of creativity within OOH.
Despite the cold and grey months, the start of 2018 has not failed in OOH creativity! From drive-to-store to viral press and social coverage, these campaigns have used OOH in innovative ways to significantly boost the return on marketing strategies and leave a lasting impression on their audience.
Spring is almost upon and we are rounding up the winter with Top 5 creative OOH executions in Q1 from advertisers all over the world.

#1 A breathing bus shelter, Netflix USA

Netflix’s original series Altered Carbon was always set to make a splash and this bus shelter gave an unforgettable preview. The dystopian cyberpunk series centres on the concepts of life, death and immortality in the future where people can transfer their consciousness into new bodies, or “Sleeves”. The bus shelters in LA brought this concept into reality with a breathing, touchable “sleeve” displayed instead of a panel.
Suffice to say, it stopped people in their tracks and generated viral press and social coverage, with most passers-by admitting that they were planning on watching the show having seen this unsettling ad!
Most passers-by admitted that they were planning to watch the series as a result of seeing the ad! CBSLA

#2 An OOH Content Campaign for Chinese New Year, KFC China

KFC understands the paramount importance of culture, tradition, and the focus on family and going back to your roots during Chinese New Year celebrations. This is why this content driven domination campaign in partnership with the National Museum of China was such a success.
KFC together with National Museum of China and STDecaux transformed the Xujiahui Station in Shanghai metro into a mini-museum with replica exhibits displayed inside customised columns. Commuters enjoyed taking a short break from their routine to learn something new. Meanwhile, a giant digital display animated the famous painting of the Lantern Festival parade from the Ming Dynasty. Passers-by scanned the QR code to learn more about the lanterns and play games.

#3 Gamification drive-to-casino, The Star Australia

Off the back of a successful 2017 campaign, Star Casino celebrated Chinese New Year in Sydney’s China Town with special events and offers. In true casino fashion, the festive DOOH campaign featured an interactive game on a digital touchscreen. Passers-by could play a game and win vouchers for dinner prizes at the casino.
The campaign was highly successful with queues forming to play the game and win prizes. Over 2000 interactions the campaign delivered a 58% increase in interactions YOY.

#4 Hyper-targeted Dynamic OOH delivery, Diageo Guinness UK

Guinness knows it has a defined fan base and the values the importance of personalisation in today's media world. So, Guinness harnessed its owned data to communicate especially with its fans.
Guinness integrated data sets from its apps, Instagram and Twitter feeds into the JCDecaux Dynamic Smart Content CMS and ran this hyper-targeted campaign for fans based on their location, behaviour and affinity for the brand. The targeting identified an audience who demonstrated a passion for sports, pubs and of course Guinness, and delivered the campaign in areas with high concentration of these individuals and near points of sale.

#5 Arcade Game Educates on Nutrition, Lidl Ireland

Lidl’s Goodness Gang range of plush toys is designed to encourage kids to eat healthily. The claw machine arcade game was the perfect campaign choice for the target audience.
The strategic placement in bus shelters boosted consideration as parents and kids were making their way home or to the supermarket from work or school.
By incorporating an element of fun with a deeper meaning, the campaign successfully engaged with its target audience and built a positive brand association.

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