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Everyone's favorite time is approaching - the period of the year when sunlight is distributed at best for a few hours a day.

All jokes aside, the days are getting shorter, mornings and evenings darker and the illuminated outdoor advertising is especially striking in the street scene at this dark time. In the darker months, advertisers' interest in making special solutions with additional light also increases, which brings more warmth to otherwise gloomy autumn and guarantees striking advertising in a gray street environment.

Special outdoor advertising solutions change the way we look at outdoor media and offer the opportunity to bring memorable and distinctive campaigns to the streets. Here, together with the Estonian Marketing Association, we look at how advertisers have made striking lighting solutions on various outdoor advertising spaces in the dark, giving 26 striking examples from Estonia and abroad: READ THE ARTICLE (in Estonian)

An innovate advertising solution is a tool that allows you to deliver your message to consumers while standing out, using classic outdoor media. The moment of surprise and longer attention creates positive emotions in the consumer, which are passed on to your brand. A well-made innovate solution catches the eye and gives the opportunity to address people on the street more than usual.

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